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Customers have reported successful results from using Perrin's Blend for
Actinic Keratosis, visually diagnosed Squamous Cell Skin Cancer*, possible Basal Cell Carcinoma*,
Lichen Sclerosis, Keratomas, Skin Tags, Moles, and various Skin Lesions.

Perrin's Blend is sold in over 150 health food stores, in 27 states :

Perrin's Blend Antioxidant comes in one ounce containers. 

For a better online shopping and viewing experience, and for more up-to-date information please visit our new site!

Perrin's Blend is a Natural
Antioxidant Skin Lesion Ointment. 
Perrin's Blend is not a cream.  It is a thick, burgundy colored ointment, that may need to be covered with a bandage.  We see the best results when Perrin's Blend stays in constant contact with the place a person is treating.

Testimonies from Real People Who Have Used Perrin's Blend

These testimonies are from real people who have used Perrins's Blend on various kinds of skin lesions.  No compensation was given to any of these people for their testimony. Their testimonies are unscripted and unrehearsed

Perrin's Blend is noninvasive and non-scarring, unlike black salve which can be painful and many times leaves scars. 
Different lesions/skin growths respond differently. With Perrin's Blend lesions will sometimes slowly shrink, dry up and/or drain, fall off or just disappear. 

Before and After Pictures showing a customer's success with Perrin's Blend.


I tried your ointment and my lesion significantly cleared up in 1 week. It may not have been a cancer but untreated it could have converted to a BCC of which I have a history). I have included before and after pictures. The lesion has cleared up even further after taking the second picture. I will keep you informed about the lesion. The focus on the photos is not the best. Visually the lesion has almost disappeared.
Many thanks, M. P.


Sorry for the delay and I want to send you a current picture of my shoulder. There is no sign of the original lesion. The photos are cropped images of a lesion that developed on my shoulder over 8 weeks. The lesion at its largest was 5x3x2mm(lxwxthickness). The "after perrins"picture was taken after 2 weeks of Perrins application. Currently there is no evidence of the lesion. You are wellcome to use the pictures and any written information that I have supplied.
M. P.

Here is a picture of my shoulder 5 months after Perrins treatment.

M. P.

Below are pictures of a mole before it was treated with Perrin's Blend, during treatment, and after treatment with Perrin's blend when it had falled off.

Below are pictures of Bob B. of Dyer Tennessee in 2007.  He began treating a mole with Perrin's blend and after 2 weeks he didn't see any results, became discouraged, and discontinued treatment.  Two weeks after he had discontinued treating his mole, he noticed that it was starting to crust up and fall off.  We went and made a picture of it and encouraged him to resume treatment. He did resume treatment and soon afterwards the mole had fallen completely off.

Here is a picture of Bob's mole before treatment with Perrin's Blend.

These two pictures are of Bob's mole crusting up and falling off two weeks after he had discontinued treatment.

These are the final pictures of Bob's mole after he resumed treatment with Perrin's Blend.  We can barely see where the mole was.

 Testimonies Received By Email FromCustomers Using Perrin’s Blend, concerning Basal Cell Carcinoma, possible Skin Cancer, Actinic Keratosis,

a Cyst and Skin Tags.

These testimonies are recent,  from REAL people, and were emailed or sent to us by mail.  We have not corrected typos or changed anything they have written.  

Concerning Actinic Keratosis, From Patzie in Maryland:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! I love this stuff! I had another spot of actinic kerotosis growing on my forehead (I had one on my cheek removed by lasor 20+ years ago). It had grown to about a nickle/quarter in size. It was to the stage of where it is itching and scaling and was actually worse than the aforementioned one. Just one application, over night, and I could tell a difference. The scaliness was gone and it felt smoother. Now, almost a month later, and it's almost entirely gone. What a huge blessing to me! Thanks again. I will not hesitate to purchase the other cream for use on my entire face! This stuff is awesome! p


Concerning Basal Cell Carcinoma, From Maureen in Texas:

Just wanted to let you know I used your product on 2 lesions and it seems to have healed them.  One was the size of the tip of my index finger, the other was much larger and very sore and bleeding. The larger was a about the size of a penny.  The 1st  week both sores seemed to almost shrink in size right away.  Then on the 3rd week a lot of redness filled the entire area and way out beyond the sore, I was a little concerned but kept it going until the end of the 3rd week.  Now both of them are feeling smooth but still a have a pinkish red color which keeps fading.  My 3rd week ended on the 9th of April and it is now May 11th.  I am buying more to start another group of them.  This time I am going to take pictures of the before and after to send in to you. 

 I have already been to a doctor and have had many of my lesions removed by a doctor, but decided to try something else since removal is very painful and costly when you have as many as I do.  All my lesions have so far been basal cell carcinoma. 

While doing the Perrins Blend I also took a Grapeseed extract 50mg that I got from my local drug store which I was told by Jim and Judy Perrin would help also.

The only problem I encounterd which didn't really bother me that much was the reddness and itching during the last week.   And also it was a little messy as it seems to melt on my skin and run a little bit, but I found just adding more bandage helped.

Thanks for all your help and prayers.

I will probably be buying more product as I need it.

Concerning Actinic Keratosis, From Carlene in Texas:

I've got Actinic Keratosis (AK) in several areas on my body (chest, back of hands, legs, arms).  On 2 of the worse spots, I'm using the Perrin's Blend.  I think it's been about a week and I'm seeing improvement already on those 2 spots so I've started using it on a 3rd spot.    I've been trying everything from products the dermatologist has had me on to alternative remedies I found posted on a skin cancer forum without any luck so this improvement in just a week is great.  I'll let you know if I have complete success. I saw your posting on the skin cancer forum.  If I have success with this, I'll post my story there.


Concerning Skin Tags, From K.D. in Tennessee

Hi judy-

I purchased, after the recommendation, from len rossi's in brentwood, tn.

Ironically, after sending the email, I went outside, came in, showered and changed the band aid, the large skin tag fell off!  It appears as if there is still a tiny one under it that looks new but the old, big tag fell off!  So, I will continue until the small one drops off too.

I have an old, raised, scar tissue that I'm going to see if I can get to do the same!

Thank you!!!


Concerning Possible Skin Cancer,  from Bill in California:
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Perrin:

I started using your blend for a skin lesion (possibly melanoma) some months ago and am finally getting back to you.  I had the lesion on my left shoulder and it was about the size of one half a lead pencil erasor.  After using Perrin's Blend for about 8-9 weeks I stopped for a week and after just 2 more weeks, it came off in the shower and has not come back.  I'll be using it again on a few more lesions that I have on my leg and back.

Thank you for a great product and God has blessed.


Concerning possible Basal Cell Carcinoma, From Jim in Texas:

Judy,  Your product (Perrins Blend)  has been a real blessing.  The first order for what I believe was a cancerous basil cell carcinoma.  Used the blend for probable 5 months on this, and removed the problem completely.  Had tried everything on this and was never able to do any good until your blend.  It had been forming for, I guess, two years.  Now, can't even tell where it was.  Then a few months ago a troublesome spot was felt on the back of my head, but could not be seen because it was under my hair.  Actually, have never been able to see this spot, but felt it wise to suspect it cancerous.  Had to have my wife shave hair arould this area, and began applying blend.  This spot is now almost gone, and feels so much better.  Funny thing about this spot.  Each time when blend was applied, after two or three hours, quite a bit of watery fluid would drain from the spot.  It has been doing this up until just recently.  Sorry, no pictures.  Happy to recommend Perrins Blend. 

May God bless you and James. 

Concerning a Cyst, From Ann in Tennessee:

Your Antioxidant Skin Care [Perrin’s Blend] helped to remove an almost quarter size cyst from my scalp, it had been there for many years.  I am also using your itch eeze for a stubborn case of poison ivy on my arm along with internal cleansing.


Concerning Actinic Keratosis, From Ross:
Dear Jim and Judy
                    I wanted to let you know, I used your Perrin's Blend on a Actinic Keratosis on my left ear. I had been treated by an M. D. with liquid Nitrigen it made the keratosis fall off, but in a matter of days it was back.I got your Perrin's Blend on Jun 25 - 08 used it as directions said with oral grape seed extract twice a day keratosis fell off in 5 days, I continued using the Perrins Blend on the spot for another 4 days just for good measure. The keratosis has not returned.
                       Perrin's Blend is a great product. You should secure a patient, and market it world wide.              
                                                                         Thanks - God Bless

Concerning a Keratosis and other Skin Lesions, From Mary Anne in Ohio:
I just want to tell you that your creme did what you advertised. I had a "keratosis"on my cheek that was removed by a doctor twice with silver nitrate. Perrin's blend removed it in a week. I had a growth on my forehead that had 4 'bubbles'. Perrin's blend removed it. Also 3 other red spots were removed. I now keep it and will try it on skin tags next. Thanks for creating such a wonderful product.

Perrin's Blend was developed without the intention of ever marketing it.  
This is how Perrin's Blend began.

Testimony of Jim Perrin*

3 days before surgery it just fell off ..."

Jim Perrin

In January of 2000, a tiny flaky spot, which had been on my ear for several months, erupted into a black crusty sore the size and shape of a large kidney bean. Seeing no improvement after treating it with commercial ointments, I went to my family physician on February 18, 2000. At one glance he said he had no doubt it was cancer (squamous cell carcinoma), and if "this thing" were on his ear he wouldn't wait for a biopsy report, he would see a surgeon as soon as possible. An appointment was made for March 2, 2000, for consultation with a plastic surgeon.

In his medical report for that visit this doctor wrote, "I am going to refer him to a plastic surgeon. The size of it as well as where it is located, I feel it needs more than just simple biopsy; so will make arrangements for him to see (surgeon's name) as soon as possible."

That night of February 18, my wife and I attended a prayer meeting. I requested prayer for my cancer. The next morning my wife suddenly said she knew what to put on it.  We purschade the ingredients we didn't have on hand, mixed them together and this was how  Perrin's Blend - Antioxidant Skin Care was developed. Each day my wife plastered the affected area with her mixture of Perrin's Blend Antioxidant Skin Care and put a bandage strip over it. I also began taking supplements of grapeseed extract orally.


                        The Lesion began to shrink

By the time I saw the surgeon the malignancy, though still jet black and crusty, was now round and reduced to the size of a pencil eraser. When I told the surgeon how much smaller it had become, he insisted it was still cancer and that it must be removed right away. The operation, he said, would require a skin graft from my leg to remake the ear. The surgery was set for later that month.

In the meantime, while my wife continued applying Perrin's Blend -  Antioxidant Skin Care to the abrasion, I continued taking grapeseed extract supplements. It kept shrinking. Three days before the scheduled surgery it dropped off completely. My ear was perfectly normal!

                                            No sign of cancer remained 

Immediately I made an appointment with my family physician. Of course he was astounded. This is what he wrote in his medical report for this visit, March 14, 2000, "Had a skin lesion on last visit on his right ear that looked terrible. I really thought he had a skin cancer. Referred to him to (surgeon's name) and they have done all of the paper work and the evaluation. Had him scheduled for surgery and he honestly healed itself. He is (in)today to show me."

                   Perrin's Blend removed another lesion on his scalp

In 2004 I had an abrasion on my scalp turn black and crusty. It looked like a black wart. After applying Perrin's Blend -  Antioxidant Skin Care, covering it with a bandage strip, and taking grapeseed extract orally, it also was healed without one trace of its having ever been there. 

8 Years Later - 

It has been over 8 years now since Perrin's Blend removed the lesion on Jim Perrin's ear, and almost 4 years since the growth on his scalp was healed.  There has been no reoccurrence of either and no signs of either place can be detected.  There was no scarring.  The skin is perfectly normal.



         _ Click here to See the  "Doctor's Report"


                                Other Successful Reports  

Received  by email:    "Just a short message to let you know I used Perrin's Blend Antioxidant Skin Care on a mole on my neck.  Within a week it was totally gone.  It's great!!" -- Betty, Tennessee.

 Received by email:    "I used Perrin Blend on two area on my body.  On the first area I used it on my back this area was a flat surface (mole) I used about 4-5 week but I didn't see any change in this area.  On the second area was a place under my breast area a mole with height to it, I put Perrin Blend on for 4-5 week and the mole fell off". --  Kathy, Tennessee.


Received by email:   "Dear Mr. and Mrs Perrin:  I just wanted to tell you that after using your product for 2 weeks, the spot on the back of my neck is gone.  I had used the over the counter creams for rashs, sores and other skin problems.  But, I could not get it to heal or leave.  So, once I talk to you and received the Antioxidant Skin Care Pruduct Perrins Blend, it did leave and has not return.  I hope you know that I have told my mother and father about it.  And I will be sharing this news with anyone that I think it will help.  Thank you for have Faith to let others try this great product." -- Barbara Ann Thompson, Georgia

 Received by email:  I had a small bump that appeared under my eye about the size of a pencil lead.  It was not that noticeable but I was bothered by it.  I wanted to see if it would go away on its own so I did not do anything to it for about a month.  When It seemed like it was not going to go away I thought I would try your product.  I placed a small amount on the spot.  I did not cover it with a band aid but kept reapplying your treatment throughout the day when it seemed to have rubbed off.  So I just walked around with a tiny red dot under my eye.  No one said anything and no one seemed to notice.  The bump slowly began to shrink.  After about 10 or 12 days the bump was gone.-- J W, Massachusetts

How long will Perrin's Blend last?

The number of applications in one container depends on the size of the lesion to which you are applying Perrin’s Blend.  As you can read in the testimonials or watch in the videos, results vary and so does the time frame in which the results occur.  If your lesion is the size of a pencil eraser you should be able to get about 75-100 applications from one 1 oz container.


Perrin's Blend
Antioxidant Skin Care

An Innovative Formu

Our Goal is to Help Millions.


Perrin's Blend 

A Highly Concentrated Antioxidant Ointment

With Vitamins E & C



Perrin's Blend is a thick, sticky, honey-based, burgundy colored ointment with Grape Seed Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Vitamin E & C, and Grape seed oil.


Here at Perrin's Products we do not and cannot diagnose your ailment.  We do not guarantee that Perrin's Blend will work for everyone.  Results do vary.  We do not suggest you use Perrin's Blend as a treatment for skin cancer instead of seeing a doctor.  We can only report on what Perrin's Blend has done for others, and in some cases get their testimony on video or in written form.  



You are important to us.  We are committed to the protection of your privacy and security.  Our desire is to provide you as a customer with a   successful product.  No information we receive from   anyone will be published, shared, sold, or given to others.  Only testimonies of success from users of  Perrin's Blend will be published for readers of this website with the user's permission.  If you would like your story published, e-mail it to us with a statement of permission included.  

To purchase online:

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To  purchase by mail:

Send money order to:  Perrin's Products; 2985 Sand Mountain Road; Enville, TN 38332 -- payable to Perrin's Products.  All mail orders will be sent standard mail within 48 hours of receiving. For each  1 ounce of Perrin's Blend, send  $45.99 plus $5.00 shipping, for a total of  $50.99.

You may also order by phone by calling 866-397-8225 or

731-989 8388.

For Store Owners-

We have Perrin's Blend in over 150 health food stores in 27 states.  A wholesale price list is avaliable upon request and proof of state sales tax certificate.    With your initial wholesale purchase we supply selling aids, such as  Before and After pictures and emailed testimonies, a doctor's report and a DVD of customer testimonies upon request.  We also supply brochures. 

   For Information Call either of the numbers above or e-mail


Directions for use

Easy To Use -- Directions should be followed diligently.   Apply Perrin's Blend  to the affected area of the skin daily and keep area covered with a bandage strip.  For best results do not wash Perrin's Blend off affected area with every application. 

Cover well for 2 reasons: 

  1. To keep Perrin's Blend  on the affected area.   Being in a base of honey, it may soften and run. 
  2. To keep off  clothes, etc. to guard against staining.     

Perrin's  Blend is natural and no chemicals, parabens, or preservatives have been added.  Stir occasionally, separation will occur over time.  Store in a cool, dry place -- but do not refrigerate. Use within 1 year.                        

 For external use only

Because we use only natural ingredients consistency may vary.  If thickening occurs Perrin's Blend may be thinned with pure (preferably raw) honey.


How long will it last?


The number of applications in one container depends on the size of the lesion to which you are applying Perrin’s Blend.  For a lesion the size of a pencil eraser you should get about 75-100 applications from one 1 oz container of Perrin's Blend.  For more Frequently Asked Questions go to the FAQ page.


Development --  Perrin’s Blend was developed by Judy Perrin without the intention of ever marketing or selling it. It was originally formulated after prayer in response to a lesion that developed on her husband’s ear.   She shared the product with friends and it was only after numerous success stories that the decision was made to start distributing it on a wider scale.  It is now carried in numerous stores in the west Tennessee area.  In addition to many customer successes several store owners have used Perrin’s Blend themselves and had success removing moles and other skin lesions from their own bodies.  Judy and Jim Perrin give their testimony on video.  Click here to see video.

 By profession Judy is an inspirational writer.  Her book  "Yes! Yes! God Says  Yes!"  published in January 2006  by Creation House Press, can be ordered today.   A Book taking you into the Deepness of God's Word -- it gives a personal account of Jim Perrin's healing with Perrin's Blend as well as other healings and blessings the Perrin's have experienced in their Christian walk.  It also tells of their times of faltering and hardships and how God brought them through it all.       To learn more click here:  Read about It.     To order "Yes! Yes! God Says Yes!" and/or read the entire first chapter FREE click to the  Web Site: 


Results may vary from using Perrin’s Blend.  Here at Perrin’s Products we cannot and do not guarantee results.  We cannot and do not diagnose ailments.  We can only report what others say our products have done for them, and in some cases get their testimony on video or in written from.  Since we began selling Perrin’s Blend in 2005 we have had a product return percentage rate of less than 1% or less than 1 in every 100 orders.

     *Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

      *All Skin cancer and especially Melanoma is dangerous.  We recommend seeing a doctor’s advice for treatment.

*None of the products sold on this website have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  None of the products sold on this website are meant to cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease.  Discontinue use of any product on this website if irritation occurs.  We do not suggest anyone use these products instead of seeing a licensed medical professional.

Our Products are not meant for animal use.

Grapes: Though it isn't clear to scientists just what makes grapes toxic to both cats and dogs, even a relatively small amount can damage the kidneys. For this reason it's unwise to feed these to your pet, even if small amounts are tolerated.

Grape/Raisin Toxicity in Dogs and Cats

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Perrin’s Blend is $45.99 plus $5.00 for shipping, totaling $50.99.  This price includes handling.

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-If ordering from Tennessee add 9.75% Sales tax ($4.97) to $45.99 + $5.00  for shipping making the total $55.96.

 Ordering Other Products by mail:
To order any of the other skin care products by mail total the cost of all the items and add $6.00 for shipping (if only ordering one item add $5.00 for shipping).  If ordering from Tennessee, total the cost of the items, add $6.00 for shipping ($5.00 for one item), and then add 9.75% sales tax.

"Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth" (III John, verse 2)

Click here now on Contact us if you have questions concerning Perrin's Blend, if you have a business and are interested in wholesale prices, or if you want to inquire about Judy Perrin's inspirational book Yes! Yes! God Says Yes!.

Perrin's Blend has been used to removed moles, lesions, possible basal cell carcinoma, diagnosed (but not biopsied) squamous cell carcinoma, actinic keratosis, lesions caused by lichen sclerosis